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Well Your Digital Life [Illustration by DiLiTe]

The Story Behind DiLiTe Genesis

Hello, friend! I’m Vishnu Goyal and here, I’d like to tell you that one story coupled with a few incidences that led me to create DiLiTe.

I got my first smartphone—Sony Xperia M2 Dual—in 2014.

Sony Xperia M2 Dual Smartphone
Sony Xperia M2 Dual Smartphone

Back then—and probably even now—I was very bad at understanding difficult English words and used to shuffle through the hardcover Oxford dictionary at my home to find their meaning. It was bulky and I could not carry it around. While faced with a tough word out of home, either in a book or conversation, I would often note that word down to later find the reference in the dictionary.

So, when I explored Google Play Store for the first time, the very first term I searched for was “dictionary” out of curiosity if there was a dictionary app available!

Within a few seconds, I had plenty of awesome English-to-English dictionary apps to choose from. I didn’t know which one was good. So, I downloaded plenty of them, tried all of them, and finally stuck with the offline English dictionary app by Livio. I was amazed to have all words in the world right on my little device and I felt like I was an instant English-pro!

To my amusement, I asked a couple of my mates if they have ever used a dictionary app. Some of them had while others simply had no idea that there are apps for the offline dictionary as well and they never “Googled” for it. But, when I told them, they were more than eager to download the offline dictionary and thanked me.

That day, I realized that the digital marketplace has so many incredibly useful things that people need and that they can use to better their lifestyle. Yet, many people don’t know that most of such things are already there in place waiting to be used by them.

To help people discover all of the useful digital stuff and well their digital life, I first created DigitalRolls in 2016, which was rebranded to DigiRolls in 2017 and to RollZign in 2018, and finally re-launched as DiLiTe in 2020.

Fast Forward to the 2020s

From 2014 until now, the digital world has re-imagined how we work, play, live, and spend our lifetime. From the moment we wake up till the moment we go to bed, we—as netizens—are juggling through one gadget or the other, for the better and for the worse.

Right from morning meditation to getting deep sleep, we are turning to some form of a digital tool or the other.

While we have evolved so productive, so efficient, so digital-savvy, and so comfortable in this digital world, our good habits, ability to stay focused and calm, our privacy and safety, mental as well as physical health have taken a hit, a big one.

Throughout the years, while we have grown to an internet community of 4.5 billion 4G internet users as of 2020, we have children in remote areas who don’t have access to even basic internet connection for education, we have billions of people who are devoid of the online world because of their digital illiteracy, we have billions of people who are cheated on the internet because we as a community have failed to build a strong system to make our people well-versed for things it takes to safely navigate the digital world.

As more and more things move to digital, we need to bring left-out people online, we need more and more of digital literacy and teach newbie netizens how to access and use tech gadgets, internet, and online tools at disposal in their best interest. In the times to come, digital literacy for all will be the foundation of equality, growth, prosperity, peace, and a happy world. That’s why we’re building DiLiTe.

— Vishnu Goyal

At DiLiTe, we rise to the occasion to contribute our best to democratize digital literacy, empower people worldwide to get the best of everything that the digital world has to offer, to enable every person to safely and joyfully navigate the digital world, to appreciate the good, to hold bad players on the web accountable, to raise our voice against corporations who make money at the expense of privacy, safety, and vulnerability of the people, to well your digital life, and nourish the foundation of equality, growth, prosperity, peace, and a happy world.

We believe that our efforts will help you and the people worldwide to lead a well digital life and contribute to the broader AVOW mission “to build an open, equal, and carefree world for every living being by working together, working open, and with the participation of everyone, by creating things that solve minor to major problems of the world and contribute to a better life of everyone, by holding hands of those who need help and providing care to not just human beings but all living beings, and above all, protect our beautiful planet Earth to save the future of our future living beings.”

With Lots of Love, Your Friends at DiLiTe + AVOW